TruTrade.IO Is Rapidly Changing Retail Trading Around the World with Their Next-Generation Trading Technology

The automated trading technology from TruTrade.IO is drastically changing the way retail traders engage the markets. Using automated software with integrated risk management strategies fills the void traders have been in search of for years. TruTrade.IO is leading state-of-the-art automated trading technology in a promising direction.

TruTrade, from Scottsdale, Arizona, on Next Generation Trading Technology

What Counts as “Automation”?

Executing trades with automation allows traders to enter and exit positions automatically, removing the heavy lifting from the trading process. This type of innovative technology helps retail traders control their emotions and pay attention to the whole market instead of being laser focused on each individual trade.


The escalating innovation seen in finance technology around the world may seem difficult to grasp, however TruTrade’s trading automation makes light work of it for both new and experienced traders. TruTrade.IO answers the call for those traders seeking the absolute best in today’s automated trading software.

Global Capital Markets

By examining capital markets on a global scale, technology trends can be monitored. Automation used in the trading business is frequently used as a critical tool for success. By automating what many traders consider a “trading mindset”, their time can be spent understanding the market’s direction instead of trade management.

Advancing The Trading Workflow

Data science and automation have entered the mainstream on a foundational level. Multi-asset trade automation can help traders scale their productivity. Depending on the type of tool used for automation, many can be customized to fit the precise needs of the trader.

Technology Is Evolving

The top automation trends for trading include execution technology and multi-asset capability. These new developments can help expand value by increasing the number of markets a trader is exposed to.

Execution Technology

Automatic execution technology is a way to place trades without requiring manual input. These trading algorithms can help traders take full advantage of buying and selling whenever a specific signal is identified. The trader does not necessarily need to confirm executions as they are often in control of the program. As execution technology becomes more sophisticated, professional traders in high-frequency trading are increasingly using this software for retail trading.

Multi-Asset Capability

Multi-asset trading is ideal for global equities, foreign exchange, and fixed income markets. By creating a multi-asset trading platform, software now aids traders across multiple markets and locations. This type of software usually offers pre-built algorithms and real-time TCA. Multi-asset trading requires a firm to trade more than one asset between asset classes. This crossover is usually implemented with one strategy so that risk management can be accurately calculated.

Customizable Trading Environment

A customizable trading environment allows traders a variety of involvement options. Fully automated software options exist for busy traders in addition to software that requires the help of a manual trader. By combining human and machine control, global retail trading can be accurately accomplished in less time.

3 Benefits of Automated Technology for New Traders

TruTrade, from Scottsdale, Arizona, Explains the Benefits of Automated Technology

Historical Data

Historical information is available through advanced software. Many automated systems will now allow a trader to test their own strategies against historical data. This is especially beneficial for new traders that may still need to adjust complex trading strategies.

Diverse Algorithms

Diversity is another benefit that is sometimes overlooked by new retail traders. By using an automated trading system, multiple accounts and strategies can be used at the same time. Handling risk management effectively through multiple choices is often a safer bet. Many automated systems can now provide complex algorithms that deploy a specific trading structure taken from a variety of data.


The most obvious reason automated software is beneficial for traders is its ability to save time. The advancement of automation software allows traders to enhance speed without jeopardizing accuracy or strategy confidence. Global trading software can adapt quickly to market conditions and generate orders. Profit targets are more likely to be met with precision and speed.

What To Look For In Trading Automation Software

Automated trading should focus on precision and accuracy. With interactive trading, many traders are able to hold on to some of their control while simultaneously using automated technology. By employing a variety of strategies, valuable automation technology should be able to help a trader maximize risk control. Dynamic risk management modules have a significant edge over other retail trading systems. is a company that specializes in quantitative trading technology. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, they allow traders to take trading to the next level

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